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Created 21-Sep-12
33 photos

May 2, 2008. C9.25 on G11; 2X PowerMate for f/20; Lumenera Lu-135 camera; 1000 of 1500 frames stacked.Messier 51.  6 hours, 90 minutes each of Luminace, Red, Green, and Blue.  QSI583wsg camera on AT8RC scope on Losmandy G11 mount.IC434, Barnard 33 (the Horse Head Nebula), and NGC2024 (the Flame Nebula).1.5 hours of H-Alpha exposure (6 x 10 minute + 2 x 15 minute), SXV-H9 camera with Astronomik H-Alpha filter, on SV80S refractoM27, Dumbell Nebula.NGC6888 "Crescent Nebula".  LRGB image, with Red channel enhanced by H-Alpha.RGB at 180, 120, 180 minutes (2x2), with 160 minutes of H-Alpha, 1x1, added to the Red channel, and 3 hours of Luminance (1West coast Cabot Trail near Inverness.Jellyfish off Cape North.1-1c_DSC28951-5_DSC2851DSC_0001_DSC2051

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